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Ariel Casarin

Ariel A. Casarin is Associate Professor of Business and Strategy at IAE Business School. A dual Argentine and Italian national, he holds a PhD in Business from the University of Warwick. Since joining IAE in 2003, he has taught nonmarket strategy and markets and competitive strategy at all levels – MBA, Executive MBA and Advanced Management Programs, and programs for international Ivy League schools and executives of leading companies.

Ariel’s first research projects focused on applied regulatory economics. One strand of work studies the performance of regulated industries and how differences between developed and emerging economies affect the design and application of regulatory practice. Much of this research focuses on the role of disequilibrium and strategic behavior on productivity performance, and on the reaction of consumers when confronted with tariff changes and unregulated substitutes. Part of this work also looks at coverage and access issues that are particular to emerging markets. Another part of Ariel’s research concerns with strategic issues in markets, with a particular focus on industry concentration and the dynamics of entry in retail and consumer goods industries. Finally, an increasingly important and more recent area of research focuses on nonmarket strategy. These research projects look at the new ways in which firms develop competitive advantages by means of strategies that apply beyond markets. In particular, this research looks at how firms’ resources and capabilities together with the structure of political markets jointly condition and shape firms strategies in markets and political and administrative domains. This work, which is mainly empirical, particularly focuses on the analysis of strategic market and nonmarket interactions and their performance consequences.

Ariel’s work has been published mainly in academic journals and books. Still, he also dedicates great effort to the development of case studies, which are intensively used in class by him and his colleagues. Ariel has written more than twenty case studies on market and nonmarket strategy on local and multinational firms in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. He also contributes regularly to local and international media such as La Nacion, El Cronista Comercial and the CNN.

He lives with his wife – also an academic – and three children in Buenos Aires.

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