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02/11/ 2012 - Segundo Regional Board Meeting en 2012 - Four Seasons Hotel, Miami, Florida, USA

Actividades Realizadas





Day Event Place 

30/06/2011 | 13:00 hs

01/07/2011 | 09:00 hs


Regional Board Meeting:

"Adding value from the Regional Headquarter"

Campus IAE Business School - Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
13/05/2010 | 8.30 hs

Regional Board Meeting:

"Accelerating sustainable business growth in Latin America" 

Place: Four Seasons Hotel (1435 Brickell Av.)

04/12/2009 | 13:00 hs


Country Managers Workshop
Lugar: Sao Paulo
26/10/2009 | 12:30 hs
Regional Board Meeting:
"Winning in Emerging Markets"
Place: Dow Chemical LA Heardquarter in Sao Paulo.
30/04/09  | 09:00 hs

Regional Board Meeting:

“The Global Economic Crisis: Exploring Advantages and Opportunities of the Businesses in Latin America”


Place: J.W. Marriott Hotel Miami


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